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    I’m running for Mayor because I believe that we can only become and continue to be a great city by bringing about real and positive change
    and progress for all Allentonians.

    This city requires someone who exhibits strong leadership and has the moral fortitude to rise above petty partisan bickering, brinkmanship, and
    obstruction and in the process position Allentown to take the mantle as the rising star city.

    Over the last few months, I have spent a lot of time in this town pounding the pavements, knocking on doors, making phone calls, having
    fireside chats and talking to ordinary people of this beautiful city.

    I have no doubt in my mind that many of you have the same feeling as I do that beneath our feet lies a well of untapped potential that can only
    be harnessed with strong, dedicated and visionary leadership.

    As Mayor of Allentown, I want to hit the ground running on Day One by taking immediate steps that will shape and deliver a best-of-breed and
    world class city where everyone and everything matters.

    My Top Five Priorities for the First 100 Days will be:

    • To drive job creation, private sector economic growth and inward investment into the city.
    • To bring fiscal discipline and accountability to the city government
    • To restore public trust and confidence in our Law Enforcement organizations
    • To improve our education system and opportunities for all kids ensuring that no-child- is left- behind
    •. To combat crime, drug addiction and corruption

    In addition, and together with my team, I will also tackle a number of urgent and emerging issues that are pertinent to the smooth operation and
    effective delivery of services to our community and neighborhoods that include:

    - Rehabilitating our infrustructure that is in bad state including roads and bridges
    - Establishing a fair and transparent tender system for the procurement of products and services
    - Returning the city to a meritocracy where recruitment and advancement is based solely on qualifications, experience and performance
    - Ending chronic homelessness in Downtown Allentown

    It will be critical to deliver and register quick wins during the first 100 days as we work to gain goodwill with the community while at the same time
    reclaiming the moral authority to lead this incredible city.

    Some of the Key investment and community initiatives to be pursued and reinforced include:

    1. Strengthening of the Neighborhood Improvement Zone( NIZ) that offers tax incentives to developers to encourage redevelopment and
    revitalization of downstream Allentown and the Riverfront. This NIZ has so far generated $1 Billion in new development.

    2. Reinforcement of the Neighborhood Partnership Program, a PA state credit program, which mobilizes financial resources for the
    redevelopment of the neighborhoods  around the central business districts and support for education geared towards experiential learning and
    problem solving and developing career pathways.

    3. Strengthening the Mentor Allentown coalition that is supported through the US 2020 program that fosters mentorship in science, technology,
    engineering and math for students in grades K-12 in collaboration with the local business community

    4. Acceleration of workforce development efforts to allow residents to have access to jobs and opportunity through enhanced financial and
    private sector support of the recently established local Employment and Training Center

    5. Establishment of effective and sustainable collaborative partnerships with the private sector, non- profit and philanthropic organizations is
    critical for the revitalization of Allentown's commercial corridor

    6. Transformation of the city's re industrialization strategy to focus more on the high tech, transportation, logistics, retail and services industries