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    To be the regional model of transformation, inclusive economic growth and prosperity fueled by its
    multicultural and diverse community of people and businesses that are open to new and unlimited


    To create bountiful opportunities and shared prosperity for all Allentonians through economic growth, job
    creation, service delivery, strengthened and empowered communities and neighborhoods

    1. Creation of jobs for the community
    2. Rooting out corruption
    3. Fair and transparent city tender system
    4. Crime eradication
    5. Combating drug addiction
    6. Reforming the criminal justice system
    7. Having laws and policies that spur investment and ignite socio-economic development that has a           
    multiplier effect
    8. Reforming the education system to ensure focus more on maths and science and practical and
    technical courses
    9. Focusing on rehabilitation of crumbling infrastructure
    10. Investment in infrastructure projects including more job creating recreational and entertainment
    facilities, retail, water supply and bridges
    11. Having a disciplined and well trained police force
    12. Maintaining a quality health and hospital network and recruiting the best doctors to the area

    Some jobs Stats to explore
    Unemployment rate for Allentown is 7..5% vs 4.9% for PA  5.4% for Bethlehem, 5.9% for Philadelphia,
    6.9% for Harrisburg and national average of 5.3%. Job growth rate is 1.7% with future job growth over the
    next 10 years forecast to be 35.9% with national averages being 1.59% and 37.98% respectively.
    Unemployment is higher than both regional and national averages and future job growth rate is low
    compared to the national average and therefore there is a need to accelerate job creation.

    Average income per capita is $17,483 with median household income being $36,568 compared to national
    averages of $28,555 and $53,482. There is therefore a need to create good paying jobs

    Opportunity - in terms of the population by occupation, 27.24% are in sales and office administration,
    23.24% are in production, transportation and logistics, 7.46% are in food preparation and service, 7% are
    in management, business and finance and only 3.44% , 3.99% and 1.15%  in engineering, computers and
    science, healthcare and technology and entertainment , sports, arts and media respectively. There is a
    huge opportunity in the technical and technology as well as healthcare and entertainment sectors to spur
    job growth

    Combating Crime
    The crime rate in Allentown is 14% higher than the national average. The crime index of the city is 18%
    implying that it's safer than only  18% of the cities in the U.S. For every 100 000 crimes there are 8.83
    daily crimes that occur in Allentown. One has a 1 in 32 chances of being a victim of a crime in Allentown.
    However, the year on year crimes in Allentown has decreased by 14%.

    Allentown area is home to 34 public schools and 24 private schools. It has a college readiness index of
    5.4%, which is lower than similarly sized metro areas with a student teacher ratio of 19:1 which is higher
    than the PA average of 16:1 and an average test score of 39% compared to a PA average of 53%.  The
    average test score is 20% lower than the national average with 73.9%, 71.4% and 16.2% of people having
    completed 8th grade, high school  and a bachelor's' degree respectively.

    There is need to pay close attention to reading, math and science where proficiencies in reading and
    maths are 35% and 21% which is very low

    Allentown is the "City without Limits" and as such there are boundless investment possibilities for the city.
    There is therefore a need for the new city administration to leverage and reinforce the Neighborhood
    Improvement Zone(NIZ) initiative, a 128 Acre  special  tax zone in the center city and along the Waterfront,
    created in 2009 by State Law which provides for the following:
    - It allows for certain local and state tax revenues from new and existing  businesses within the zone to be
    used for pay debt on bonds and loans issued for qualifying developments projects.

    -It allows business owners located within the zone to take advantage of the low market rental costs for
    Class A office and rental space and in the process redeploy the savings for reinvestment and growth.
    Estimates vary from 30-40% reduction in base market rental rates

    Over 1 Billion in new investment is pouring into Allentown with new development such as the Arena,
    Waterfront, and various, Commercial, Retail, office and Restaurant projects.

    Under the leadership of Solomon Tembo and his new city administration, businesses will be encouraged to
    establish themselves within the NIZ where they will not only enjoy the financial benefits of low market rental
    costs but also become part of the transformation of the city.

    Cost of Living
    Allentown's cost of living is 13.1% lower than the US average, making it a very attractive place to live in
    and as such the new city administration will be aggressively promoting the city and work with developers
    and investors to expand and grow it's real estate assets and economy at the same time